Catch-22, Atlas Shrugged & GOP Misunderestimation

It has taken me a while to finish this post.

Attempting to demonstrate how Republicans misunderestimatize two of the greatest books of the 20th Century is a hard nut to crack.

One has trouble keeping it simple; delving into the minutiae of each point. So I will try to keep it simple.

In a nutshell, I believe that Republicans think Milo Minderbinder is the hero in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, and that M&M Enterprises is a practical business model.

(I’m sure Bain Capital followed Milo’s example under Mittelschmerz Mitt” Romney’s reign.)




This word echoes down the halls of corporations so incessantly, so deafening and shrill from the CEOs offices that it must numb the brains of the minions who actually do the dirty deeds.

(Because, as we all know, fish and corporations rot from the head down.)

Milo Minderbinder said “what’s good for M&M Enterprises is good for the Country”. But no one shared in the profit.

I believe every CEO in America would sell the nylon ripstop fabric from his squadron’s aircrew parachutes for the slightest increase in his bank account.

Just like Milo.

This insane desire for Personal Profit drove the Big Bank and Brokerage Houses to destroy the world economy.

And guess who didn’t suffer the consequences.

What kind person is so low as to cause misery to millions, so he could drive a Ferrari, or own a bigger yacht than the asshole moored next to his.

We do know, though, don’t we.


They are crushing America under their thumbs as we speak.

Fox network shills them.

The Koch Brothers. Spending millions on the TeaBag Party’s lies and misinformation.

Pushing the Keystone Sludge Line into America.

British Petroleum lying about their new-found Holy Safety Standards, and how they have made everyone hurt by their spill in the Gulf whole again. No one is unhappy, according to their ads.

Exxon-Mobil Fracking-up America’s aquifers.

The Supreme Court of the United States standing up to the little people of America in favor of the rich and powerful.

Just to name a few.

And now to Atlas Shrugged. (Ed note: It has been a long time since reading this novel, but I will forge on with what I took from it at the time. Again, trying to keep as simple as I can.)

I.   This book made clear to me that Stalinist Communism could never last.

That it was only a matter of time before it would collapse under its own weight. That people were aware of the insanity of the system, (even if subconsciously), and work to end it.

II.  That charity is not forbidden or evil. It is up to you to decide your fate and how you treat others.

III. That sacrifice for others is neither forbidden nor should be mandatory. Again, it is up to you to determine the value of your own individual sacrifice.

IV. The “Producers” in this novel are not striving to screw their workers out of everything they could for profit, just make a decent profit with little or no interference from anyone.

V.   The “Takers” in this novel do so because:

a. They crave the power derived from distributing the dole.

b. They’re simply the “sick, lame and lazy“.

The Republican Party thinks that it is Hank Reardon!

While it is really the slimy representative of the worst of the “Looters”.

They do not consider whether anyone is really sick, or really handicapped or out of work because of the economy they created.

They lump everyone as shirking malingering deadbeats, hands outstretched, living “la dolce vita” off the fat of the land.

(Social experiment: if you know a real Republican Conservative or TeaBagger, ask him/her what percentage of the population is gaming the system.

I would usually ask; “around 3% to 5% of them?“.

The howls of “No! It’s every damn one of them!” would hurtle back at me.

In other words, if you are not a Republican or TeaBagger, you are a snivelling Socialist, (read Democrat), or one of “them!” (read lazy, no good welfare-sucking parasite living on good Republican largess.)

And living damn good, too.

What the h-e-double-l … they have TV SETS!



“We’re too good to these people! They’re living off of ME!

(Ed. note: One day my father was driving a local Dowager through a working class neighborhood. Noting cars, RVs and boats parked in driveways, she sniffed “We pay these people too much money.”

See? It’s hard not to go off on a tangent like this. Back to the subject at hand.)

They read a book.

They think it gives them permission to act like the stingy, cheap uncaring bastards that they are.

They think it legitimizes disregarding the teachings of their Bible concerning their Fellow Man.

(Quoting it as if they understood it. Or read it.)

The Republican party is not Hank Reardon.

The Republican Party is Wesley Mouch. 

Betrayal is its’ watchword.

Despicable are its’ deeds.

Not in My Back Yard! (The one I own but don’t live in)

Eagle Scout? More like Beagle Scout.

Eagle Scout? More like Beagle Scout.

 Meet Rex Tillerson. “Sexy Rexy” is the CEO of Exxon-Mobil Corporation. Rex was Hell-bent for fracking before he turned against it.

The second his pocketbook was threatened, he, (with others such as Dick Armey,) filed a lawsuit (N0. 2012-30982-211) to stop a water tower that would provide water for fracking adjacent to investment property he owns.

It is the Bar RR ranch. (2700 FM 407 E, Argyle, TX 76226. The tower is on the upper west corner of the ranch.)

Now if this were a case of a homeowner worried about his home or water table for a well, you would say ok, fight it.

The trouble here is that he is fighting for money, not justice. Fighting for profit, not the common good.

He does not live on this property. He owns it for the purpose of subdividing, building and selling million dollar homes.

Mr. Tillerson’s home is in Irving Texas.

Hypocrisy; Definition: The act of not allowing for yourself what you are forcing on others.

Why, Mr. Tillerson, do you destroy ordinary folks quality of life, while ensuring that your personal profit shall not be curtailed?

What is it about you that makes it good to harm others, physically, emotionally and financially.

More importantly, what gives you the right to do this?

You once famously said “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”

What you meant was: “What good is the planet if I suffer

Rex is a member of the Eagle Scout Hall of Fame. He was an Eagle Scout in Troop 820 sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

He was appointed as the National President of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010. He is a member of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, the organization’s governing body.

Let’s look at the Boy Scout Oath, Rex. It goes like this: (Italics mine)

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

(Do your fingers still hurt from crossing them when you said the oath? In your child mind did it read “To do doo-doo on God and My Country…”?)

Lets talk about the “help other people” part Rex. Did you get a Merit Badge for that?

I’ll bet yours reads “Frack others at all times”.

On your honor?

Rex, what is honorable about polluting America’s underground water tables?

Where is the honor in causing thousands (so far) of Americans to have to stop drinking their own well water.

 Because it contains so much Methane that they could use their kitchen tap to heat their houses?

Is this what your Church, (the First Presbyterian Church in Stillwater) taught on a slow, sweltry Sunday Summer morning?

Do unto the less powerful, for they are to be shorn!

As Wandstrasse Hurensohn once said, “Never get between a Christian and a dollar bill.”

He might have been thinking about you, Rex.

You Christian Son of an Eagle Scout.

SCOTUS kicks Us in the SCROTUM. (Again)

The supremes are back!

(And not the good ones.) We will only discuss the bad ones since 2000.

First, they hand the country over to the GOP via granting the Presidency to G.W. Bush. (Al Gore got 543,895 more votes.) 

Bad enough . The man was smart enough to masquerade as a bumbling, fumbling mis-speaking moron.

With the connivance of Rupert Murdoch leading the way with lies, innuendo and half-truths, and his “brain”, Karl Rove leading, he managed to split the country in twain.

Which in some kind of wondrous transference, the Right blames the Dems of doing. (And they do; with great energy and fervor.)

Citizens United (2010)

Money is speech. It’s the modified Golden Rule:  If you have the money, you decide who speaks loudest.

This decision screams for election reform.

Monetary Limits, and no fund-raising for at least six months before an election. Yes, even in the House.

 The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling has opened the door to chipping away at, if not the first step to striking down, the Affordable Care Act.

This country is well on the way to Plutocracy and it won’t be pretty.

Cry Freedom! is the well-worn response by the Right to stop any progress in Race, Income Disparity and Health Care Reform. It must be countered.

Unfortunately and Fortunately, all we citizens have is the Vote.

We have let the Republican Party get away with too much for way too long. Voter Suppression & Disenfranchisement and Gerrymandering major examples.

What to do?

GET OUT THE VOTE this November.

You know your neighbors and neighborhood. Make up fliers you can tailor to local needs.

Find the need, and show how the GOP has hindered its cure.

Have a neighbor who may not vote because of transportation? Offer him/her a ride to the polling station.

Long lines at the polling station? Organize portable chairs and water to be brought for the elderly and infirm to vote. Even find entertainment, and “boosters” to keep morale up.

Find out if the Oppo is going to station “election monitors” at the polls. Organize for someone to “Monitor the Monitor”.

Don’t let them intimidate anyone. In some states it might even be the police intimidating. Try to document this any way you can. (I”m talking you you, Florida.)

Talk to anyone ejected, get as much info as you can for later investigation.

The GOP and TeaBaggers are trying anything and everything to maintain power.

We must also.

and SCOTUS? We must seriously consider Impeachment. Especially Scalia.

Let’s Kick Back!

Right in SCOTUSes   SCROTUM!

Child Labor and GOP Nostalgia


Just when you thought Child Labor was in the past, up it pops.

Two stories, one Print , one Video highlight the fact that Greed never rests.

In the video, Kentucky State Senator Paul Hornback sits in the shade, saying that it’s good for children to work in a tobacco field from Sunup to Sundown.

100+ deg. temperature? Gives ’em “experience”

Perhaps one of them will write the Great American Novel:

“A Day in the Life of Ivan Desinovich (in a Kentucky Gulag)”

Plus, he says; they get “breaks in the shade”, and that he and his wife bring them water.

The children interviewed paint a different picture of course.

Ungrateful little #$%^’s. 

Oozing the Milk of Human Kindness from every pore; Republicans risk their fortunes to give a child a job.

And this is the thanks they get?

Why They Aughta Fire ’em All! (And what, pay people a decent wage with decent hours and benefits?)

I’ll also bet that any John Deere Tractor they use has an air-conditioned cab.

The really sad part is that the New York Times ran a story in 2010:

“Philip Morris Is Said to Benefit From Child Labor”

In Kazakhstan.

OK, it took four more years to bring this Kentucky Fried Chicken Story home to roost.

Read on.

“The resulting ailment in tobacco farm laborers is called green tobacco sickness, causing nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Rashes are also common.”

But hey, they’re young! They’ll grow out of it.

(Child) “Laborers can absorb, in one day, the amount of nicotine equivalent to smoking 36 cigarettes.”

(I can hear a Republican growing: We should dock them. That’s almost 2 packs a day. Free!)

What can we do?

Call/write your Congressperson. Tell’em this must stop.

Your child will be next in line, if the GOP has any say.

 And It Won’t Be For Peek-a-Boo!

Tea(Baggers) & Sympathizers

                        Recovered post: October 3, 2010 – 

I'm NOT Racist!

I’m NOT Racist!



Mine is Bigger Than Yours

Mine is Bigger Than Yours

TeaBaggers like to strut around screaming and shouting nonsensical things such as “Keep the government out of my Medicare”, waving their misspelled,  racist and threatening signs (and if not actually carrying weapons, bragging that they will bring their guns “next time”).

They do their best to intimidate and bully anyone who doesn’t agree with their zeitgeist.  What? there’s a Democratic ”Town Meeting” ?

Get down there and shout’em down!  

Problems in America?  Blame the Democrats! 

Ignore that the Republicans never once kept their promise to “make Government smaller”, or “reduce spending” or “cut the deficit” under Reagan, Bush Sr, and especially the 12 year total dominance of the “Party of NO” from 1996 through 2008.

The fact that Republicans are using them to further subvert the American political process has no meaning or consequence to them.  The fact that the reign of “Bush the Brainless” and his Co-conspirator “Dick the Pulseless”, (with the connivance of the best organized ruling party in history), was the best thing to happen to the richest 2% of Americans since that invention of the legalization of open thievery known as  “Incorporation”, is beyond their capacity to comprehend.

Teabaggers do not care that the shadowy figures providing the money and the buses for their gatherings are disgraced politicians and very rich people who just want to keep makin’ mo money, mo money mo money!  

Who want to keep polluting the air our children breathe and the water they drink for one more measly penny on each stock dividend. 

They do not care that the very food we eat is no longer safe, or that it has lost half of its nutritional value through venal chemical manipulation or soil depletion of minerals and nutrients because of overuse.

They shun independent thinking, “becuz’ it hurts the brain”.    Knowledge might bring truth;  truth understanding; and understanding…  acceptance.

TeaBaggers are the monkeys in the zoo.  They care not who brings the banana to their cage, nor why. 

They just eat the banana and throw their feces at real Americans trying to understand their antics.

They remind your Colonel of the beginnings of a certain “political party” in Germany in the 1930′s.  That’s right,  I shall use the “N” word.  Nazis.

The Nazi Party was allowed to grow by the rich and powerful and the German General Staff because it diverted the attention of the people from the real causes of the  problems Germany faced, and each group thought it could manipulate the party to further its own gains. 

In Germany it was “Blame the Jews!”  “Blame the Communists!”  “Blame the Conquering Nations!”  (Ignore the fact that Germany started WWI just as nonsensically as Bush started the 2nd Iraq war!)

The TeaBaggers blame Liberals, and all non-whites. 

They pine for the pre-war America they never knew.  (Pre-Civil War America). 

By God, you got to keep your money!  To Hell with all non-white, non Christians!  The Brown and Black races were put on Earth for the use and profit of the White Man! 

God wrote that in the Bible in perfect English, for all to understand, didn’t He?  (Doesn’t that make TeaBaggers the Superior Race?  I bet their anthem is”Teebeutel, Teebeutel Uber Alles…”).

They use the tea bag as an emblem for their movement. 

Their actions prove that their emblem should be a colostomy bag. 

(Their actions sound like crap, smell like crap, and ooze down their legs like “Trickle Down Theory”;  therefore the colostomy bag is an honest and more appropriate icon.)

Thus, as the Republicans foster the TeaBag Movement, thinking they will be able to control them down the road, they may wind up hoist upon their own petard. 

And, unfortunately, they may bring down our great nation in the process of trying to seize complete power for the ultra-rich to whom they have sold any semblance of honesty, honor or decency.

You may be asking yourself by now why I have reached this conclusion. Let’s compare the Nazi Party, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party:


Demonizes Minorities…………………YES……….YES………..NO

Uses Propaganda Arm*………….……YES……….YES… …..NO

Deliberately & Routinely Lie……….YES……….YES………NO


They are Superior……………………..YES……….YES……….NO

Unions Should be Destroyed……..YES………..YES……….NO

Homosexuality is a Choice…….….YES……….YES**…..NO

Homosexuality is Criminal…….…YES……….YES………..NO

Homosexuals must be Jailed….…YES………..YES………NO

State /Reproductive Control……YES………..YES………NO

Rapist’s child must be Born…..….UNK……….YES……..NO

But it’s only eerie coincidence, I’m sure.

I observe and report, You decide. 

Which Party is working for the betterment of the average American? 

If you make under $250.000 per year and you vote Republican, you will decide the fate of  your children, your children’s children and your children’s children’s children.

And please believe me, they will curse you and look upon a “slumdog”  life in present day Mumbai as paradise compared to what the Republican Party has in store for them!

*If organizing, funding and advertising political gatherings for a specific party doesn’t make it a functioning  arm of that party, please explain.

If fostering and repeating lies about the opposition party is not part of a propaganda arm’s duty, please explain also.

**By implication, if Homosexuality is a “Life Choice”, they must believe that they themselves could be seduced and “turned” by a good-lookin’, sweet-talkin’ Gay Person.

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Saluting Solutions

President Obama salutes fallen soldier. (photo:DougMills/NYT)

President Obama salutes return of fallen soldier. (photo:DougMills/NYT)

The right-wing Twittervers’s undies are all in a bunch over President Obama not returning salutes. That this somehow is shameful.
Not the case.
The President of the United States is a civilian. Commander-in-Chief, yes. Enlisted or Commissioned Officer in any Service? No.
No president before Reagan ever saluted.
Even 5-star General, President Eisenhower didn’t salute.
Then along comes Radiant Ronald Reagan; who felt uncomfortable not returning salutes. So, he started.
Now, I know how it felt to have been in the Military, not being able to salute when the Flag marches by, or when visiting a ship, to not salute the flag before stepping onto the Quarterdeck.
Now that the law is passed allowing Veterans to salute, I do so with pride.
As far as I know, no civilian except the President is entitled to a military hand salute.
One does not salute an officer out of uniform. If you are ashore in civillian clothes, and see a senior officer in uniform, you do not salute.
In Navy, you do not salute uncovered. Inside, you only wear your cover when on duty.
So, Salute or not salute.
Professor Emeritus Garry Willis wrote in the NYTimes: “We used to take pride in civilian leadership of the military under the Constitution, a principle that George Washington embraced … “
My personal belief is that it was good enough for Carter, Nixon, Ford, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, U.S. Grant, Andrew Jackson and George Washington, Veterans all; It’s good enough for Barack Obama!
(Ed note: In this photo, I’m of a mind that President Obama is giving a proper salute, out of respect and mournful pride for the fallen.)

O’Reilly, Truthiness and America

O’Reilly show 5/22/2014

(Ed Note: Despite that the events at Benghazi are well documented, the GOP,  (In an election year? Quelle surprise!), is going to rehash it.)

Congressman James Clyburn (D) SC, in an interview, brought up the fact that after Reconstruction, “People of Color” who were politically involved were driven from the South by drummed up accusations and charges.

The Congressman “Sees the same kind of efforts to discredit this president…”.

Bill thinks that maybe the Congressman was saying  that the committee was “Racially Motivated”.

Bill believes that this would be a “Loopy comparison”

Laura Ingraham chimes in with this is “too charitable”, that the Obama administration regularly plays the race card and that Obama wants a lower bar applied to him “because he’s half-black”

That he is inexperienced and unable to manage.

Benghazi has been examined and re-examined to exhaustion.

But the GOP refuses to abandon it because it is all it has, excepting of course Obamacare.

They refuse to admit that after 100 years of blocking national health care, this person; this Obama beat them at their own game.

Inexperience? Inability to manage? He managed his way into the White House, didn’t he.

Bill still thinks the Congressman is loopy because it’s really all about “Hey, why didn’t the Military mobilize, why were the security warnings ignored..”

Laura injects: “What was the President doing that night. What was he up to?

Then more “Obama bad” blah blah blah.

Then Bill wants to understand “why Obama is so Disengaged.”

“The hard right says … It’s clear that he wants to destroy the fabric of America as it is now.” (In no way indicating that he disagrees with this statement of course.)

Laura then disregards the question and goes to his inability to manage and inexperience.

Lets look at the right’s attitude toward Obama’s heritage. Seeing as the right consists mainly of Republicans, an impartial person may deduce that the GOP has a somewhat negative view of him.

As demonstrated by these examples:

Not one says: Inexperienced! Or Bad Manager! Every one of these says: “I am a pathetic moron, and Photoshop allows me to show my ignorance and racism.” (Ed Note: I thought hard about publishing these, but they are available on line, and any bigot has access to them. I hope it will shock any Americans who were unaware of the depths the right will sink to.)

(And also helps forward the Congressman’s theory of why the new committee.)

As to “he wants to destroy the fabric of America as it is now.”, what does that mean, exactly. (Or “Bring back America” for that matter.)

These are talking points to no avail. America evolves. (The right devolves.)

Obama could no more destroy the fabric of America than he could make the right see the light.

The light of the  Jesus they claim to follow.

America is what it is. Obama did not change America, America changed itself. (With the death of every old racist helping it along.)

Individual Americans changed, and the right hates this.

No Communist Cabal, No Homosexual Agenda, No Leftist conspiracy changed us.

At some point, each person said “No! I will no longer allow this!”

Whether it be violence against women, race, creed or sexual orientation.

Of course some will still say, “My daddy would have Lynched him for that”, or “condemn him for his beliefs, ’cause they ain’t mine!”, or “She’s my wife and Subservient! Or Else!

Obama is simply trying to allow this national change to happen without too much disruption.

Despite the protestation and opposition of the right.

Disengaged? He gave this great land the beginnings of national healthcare against everything the GOP could muster against him. (It will have to evolve from the damage done by the Republicans, and it will.)

So, Mr. Bill (and Laura), the Congressman is probably right, you are more than likely wrong (as usual). The racists are still bubbling with anger:

And Obama is still our president.

Who Needs Another Billion? (or Billionaire)

People or Dollars.

The world doesn’t need another billion mouths to feed. We haven’t figured out how to feed all the ones we have.

And one mouth doesn’t need another billion dollars to feed itself.

Hey, Mister Billionaire. After your first billion, what good are you?

What good is that second, third, fourth or fifth or more to you?

One might think that you more than likely have been charging way too much for your product/service if you can pile up that much cash just to put it in the bank to sit and fester.

Yes fester. If it is sitting in the bank, (and this is the cash we know about), it obviously isn’t doing any good for anyone else. Except the bank.

Someone who works or worked for you could have died in pain and misery.

Because you didn’t want to give anyone a decent  insurance plan. (That might lower the dividend by 1/4cent.)  Or you looted the company and closed its doors.

That would cost you a teensy bit of your billions. (It must gall you no end that healthcare was rammed up your you-know-what by you-know-who after 100 years of GOP obstruction. Wait a minute! You let it happen on your watch! Good God man! You let the side down!  The old Robber Barons must be spinning in their graves. All their hard work, and you dropped the ball.)

Or pay a decent wage.

Your cash sits in your account, a huge pus-sac on Humanity.

No good for anything but your Ego.

Anyone who pays so little that his employee needs to hold two or more jobs just to maintain a minimal life shouldn’t be allowed to go about in public unremarked.

Jeering and catcalls should be encouraged. Nothing physical, just a few choice comments as they dart from the Limo to the Tower. Such as:

“Hey, Trump. Whatta hump!” (Kudos to David Letterman for this one.)

“Hey, Koch, suck my pipeline!” (Not rhyming with coke, as they prefer.)

What the Hell; they’re doing their best to keep us under their thumb.

Why not have a little fun with them?

So, Who Needs Another Billion? (or Billionaire)?


Cash! The One Percent’s Crack Cocaine

Crack, Meth and Heroin will bring a family to degradation, bankruptcy and most probably jail.

To get a fix an addict will do anything. Anything!

For that oh-so-temporary high an addict will lie, cheat, steal, even prostitute his or her body.

No matter the consequence to himself, friends or family.

Joe, will you rob a little old lady of her only cash in the world?


Hurt her physically, financially and mentally? Hit her. Break her arm?

“Why not.”

I need that money, bitch!” 

Flirt with Aids every time you share a needle with fellow derelict?

life itself is a gamble, right? Bro? Right?

Live on the street, cold, hungry and at the mercy of other degenerates who might think you have a dollar in your sock? (If you have a sock.)

Yeah, it sounds bad, but can you spot me five? I’m hungry.”

And so it goes. Downward spiral. Body decaying. Trips to the ER.

Until the final trip.

To the morgue.

Cash, on the other hand, probably won’t destroy a family.

But Cash Addiction can destroy a nation.

The love of it, the drive to get it and keep it is addictive.

Just as addicts can become addicted to the needle itself, (the process of injecting saline solution is almost as satisfying as actual drug use), the Cash Addict gets pleasure from the process of profit.

The Wheelin’ and the Dealin’ and the Figgerin’ and the Screwin’ is a rush.

Success! Bask in the bliss.

Then, withdrawal.

Damn! Gotta get that next fix.

No matter what the cost to America or its people.

Go for that unnecessary merger that will cost each American more for whichever service or product is involved.

“After all”, he thinks, “I’m better than Joe.”

“I’m not robbing that little old lady of all of her cash, just a couple more bucks out of her purse.”

“She can use less electricity, or buy cheaper medicine and food, right?”

“I need that money, bitch!”

So he proposes the Firestone Pipeline that will pump sludge from Canada to Louisiana to be processed, then the product (and the profit) will be shipped overseas, for a minimal gain to America but great gain for the Cash Addict.

He will pile the residue in gargantuan ash heaps to be randomly blown over homes, parks, schools and playgrounds. (Health problems, cleanup costs? That’s for the Government to deal with. It’s good enough for that.)

“You hear me? I have to have it!”

Another good idea to the Cash Addict: Provide alternative household heating for a few lucky Americans.

Free! No new wiring or plumbing involved! All you need is a sink with running water and a match. Just think on a cold March morning. Free heat!  (Keep lit cigarettes away from the shower when I’m in it, ok?)

Again, the Cash Addict is destroying American jobs, homes and lives for his high!

(You have to admit that Big Oil Addicts are good though. They reap record profits and the Gummint gives them subsidy money. State supported addicts no less!)

These Frackin‘ companys, BP, Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, ConocoPhillips, Exxon-mobil and many others are dipping their drill bits wherever they please, whenever they please.

“Because, like, we can! Who’s gonna stop us. You?

“The Government? We own the government. Hell, half of us were the government!”

Take them to court on pollution charges? (General laughter abounds.)

If Gummint lawyers were any good, they’d be working for the oil companies, Right? Remember the Crash? Who the hell has gone to jail for that? Yeah, right.

These are the big boy scams. The ones we know about.

God only knows what else is going on under our noses.

But it sure as Hell doesn’t smell like Justice.

While the lowly crack addict loses everything to his addiction, the Cash Addict gains.

Mo’ money, Mo’ power and the biggest and the most expensive toys in the world. Outward respect (but inward contempt) from fellow cash addicts.

He is pampered, coddled and cuddled by everyone he meets. He laps up compliments by the carload, (hoping they are sincere), and bathes in brainless flattery.

But he ain’t giving up a plug-nickel of his cash.

Not to give his workforce a living wage.

Not to pay his rightful taxes to rebuild America’s infrastructure. No siree!

“I need that money!” 

He will however spend his ill-gotten money for certain beneficial things.

A yacht. Probably hates the ocean, but: “That other son-of-a-bitch has one, mine has to be bigger”.

Multiple dwellings. Condos have to be on a higher floor, acreage has to be more and in the best location. Even if you have no time to go there.

The biggest, most pompous limousine or the most expensive sports car.

“I have to have it all!”

He will also spend  few million to ensure that laws are passed that will favor him.

He will drop  a few million to form fake Think Tanks to convince the Hoi-polloy that fracking is good, Climate Change is a myth and the Republican Party cares about you.

Just about as much as they care about dog poop on their shoe.

Just as Joe, our Crack Addict spends every waking hour looking for his next fix, so does the Cash Addict. Just in better circumstance.

Doing his damnedest to keep every dime, no matter what it takes or whom he harms.

Or which nation.

Until he too, inevitably, winds up in a hospital morgue.

Next to Joe.


These Are Not the High Frequency Traders You Are Looking For

Disregard the traders behind the curtain. 

Once again Wall Street pulls a fast one on Average Joe.

Once again, what is illegal for Joe is A-OK for the big boys.

As I have said before, if Joe hosts a Poker Night in his home and takes just a “leetle-bit” out of each pot, he is a criminal in the eyes of the law.

He could go to jail.

But, Got Bucks? Political or Family Connections?

Welcome to the club, Home Boy!

Open an office, buy your way into the club, and the sky’s the limit.

You can fleece every sheep, rob every rube and pick every pocket in this great nation with impunity.

And (no doubt) wind up with walls full of awards, commendations and congratulatory letters from politicians, co-conspirators and other bottom-feeders.

You and your ilk can dance in the daisy-chain of deceit you have choreographed, and every evening self-massage yourself into unconcerned slumber.

After all, you were clever enough to hire a really smart nerd who had figured out how to game the system.

You had the cash and went ahead. Let the Fleecing Commence!

I will compare the Market to a market. A grocery supermarket.

In a nutshell, you bribed the store manager to alter his register, secretly adding a penny or two to the cost of each item! 

The consumer, unaware of the true cost, merrily goes along blind to the fact that someone had their hand in his pocket.

Hey! you say, what’s the problem here. I’m just a businessman making money.

Yes, Mr. businessman, you are.

But what have you done to deserve it?


You are the leech in the business stream, waiting to latch onto an unsuspecting dupe who need to cross that river.

And there you skulk, in all your slimy glory, you lousy latching leech.

Waiting to slyly, surreptitiously suck the life-blood out of everyone you touch.

Turns out, these are the High Frequency Traders we were looking for!

And what do we do with leeches?

Perhaps, this story in NYT.

the Nazi Party? No, the “Not See” Party

(I won’t mention any names), but there is a politicized group of people who think that they are of the same stock as the founding fathers of America.

That they are a “grass roots” organization, spontaneously sprouting from their frustration and indignation about the direction that this great country is heading.

That they somehow, (almost miraculously), one-by-one, found each other and arose in their righteous might against the Great Devil Incarnate,


Barack Hussein Obama.

Wait, what?

Yup. To hear the GOP talking heads and the Fox talking big fat-heads EVERYTHING is Obama’s fault.

Never mind facts. Never mind truth. Oh, Never mind.

In fact, this group is Sgt. Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes. “I see Nothing!” is their credo. (And just about as funny as a “comedy” based in Germany during the Third Reich.)

Yes, this is the “Not See” Party.

They do “not see” that they are dupes of the Koch Brothers.

They do “not see” the lies Fox “News” perpetrates.

They do “not see” the contempt and derision that the One Percent holds for them.

They do “not see” that they are even contemptible to their own mother party.

They do “not see” how the average American’s quality of life is harmed by the fact that the 1% is hoarding its’ (untaxed) cash, and is definitely not producing jobs.

They do “not see” America’s infrastructure crumbling because our Republican House will not write any legislation that will cost their Masters any $$$. (They will see when a loved one is killed by a collapsing overpass or bridge, though.)

They did “not see” that the health care industry was stripping the American economy of 17% of its value every year, and no end in sight for annual increases.

They do “not see” how America has fallen in every category of life compared to Europe over the last 50 years.

Where America was #1 before, forget it. 

If the truth about the Republican Party were writ large on a wall by the Hand of God himself; they would “not see” it.

(Because it obviously would be a trick by the Great Satan: Obama!)

I could go on, and on and on and on and one is tempted to, sed tempus fugit, and the Koch brothers won’t.

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the man who gave America health care, despite the whining, wheedling and loathsome tactics of the GOP to stop it.

(For 100 years this was paramount to them!)

What America will “Not See” from now on is 45,000 citizens dying each year from lack of medical care.

No thanks to the “NOT SEE” Party!


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